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Tiger Woods hitting balls the evening before the start of the Ryder Cup at Medinah. He was practicing fading, and faded 90% of these balls….. lots of drivers and 3-woods here. Some swings are blocked, keep watching, lots of them are clear.

filmed at 720p and 60fps

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25 thoughts on “Tiger Practicing Ryder Cup 2012 HD

  1. Dominic Narramore

    Jamie, I haven't heard such rubbish in a long time, tiger even admits he's never hit the ball better, and has never understood his game to the extent he does now, his major performance of late has nothing to do with the "swing Sean has given him".. It's about tiger rediscovering what it was that set him apart from the ROW pre 2010! Sean has done nothing but improve Tiger. He's just had an awesome year! Give him and his team some credit! When you win a major and are as close to Sam Sneads all time record by age 38, you may comment on such a matter with experience, not blind opinion!

  2. Craig

    Not enough background noise at this venue is there! Planes/trains/sirens, where is this golf course, next to the M25?

  3. William

    Ummm how about filming the ball flight next time? Much more interesting than this homo erotic tiger/foley crap you other johnies seem interested in.

  4. Shizi7

    I look at this swing and it looks pretty good to me. He went on to win 5 times in 2013, was POY, and regained the number one spot in golf. Later, tiger said that he couldn't get into the positions that Foley wanted, and some blamed Foley for his injuries. I think the previous injuries affected his ability to swing like Foley wanted, and I believe Tiger liked the Foley swing. I think I read that the reason he went to Foley was because he liked Justin Rose's swing. People were blaming Foley for stuff that happened before Tiger went to Foley. 

  5. KaiserVonWilhelm1

    Caption said he was hitting fades, I think he was probably trying to over-accentuate fading the ball. Foley had him primarily drawing the ball, much more than the 2-3 yard draw he preferred most of his career. If you pause any of these swings at the top, though the camera angle is off a little, the face of the club is definitely closed. And I think that causes those really terrible snap hooks that was his bad miss all the time

  6. Aj R.

    This swing is pure junk. It's why he only broke 70 twice in the majors with Foley in five years. Look how far away he's standing at 12:04 with his driver, he's reaching for the ball. Not how he swung his entire life, with Haney, or with Butch. This S&T Foley swing works for some, but it wasn't for Tiger, and Tiger was too stubborn and stuck with it for way too long. He won nine times in 2009 with Haney, won Player of the Year, won at an astounding rate with Haney, then changed his swing to Foley's in his golfing prime (his 30s) and that's why he didn't get Jack's record.

  7. MrCheatreporter

    I read so many stupid comments about Tiger its hilarious.
    You can only bend a piece of metal x amounts of time before it cracks..
    The wear and tear on a body after so many years of pro golf is enormous.


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