37 thoughts on “Le menu du dîner des champions de Sergio Garcia

  1. Tom Smith

    Naw not for me. Mine would be extra large shrimp cocktail appetizer with the main course thick cut prime rib with your choice of potato (mashed,garlic mashed or baked potato) and salad. Desert is tiramisu with chocolate sauce on top.

  2. Drew Hendley

    My Masters Dinner:
    Endive Salad w/lemon dressing
    Rockfish w couscous
    Roasted heirloom vegetables
    Pahlmeyer Chardonnay
    Kahlúa cake w/vanilla bean ice cream

  3. ninman58

    10 countries? I count 9, or 11, depending on your definition. Argentina, Australia, England, Wales, Scotland, Spain, South Africa, Fiji, United States, Germany and Canada. That's 11, or 9 if you count England, Scotland and Wales as 1 country not 3.

  4. Clu TheMan

    Would have loved to have been at that table. First off, the Tiger situation. Sergio is on record for saying they don't really like each other. Then we have the fried chicken crack made by Sergio and Fuzzy Zoeller. If Steve Williams was allowed to be at that dinner we might have had a lynching. You see how everything gets back to Tiger? All Tiger does or did is win and say the right things to the camera. I only want to know Tiger as a golfer. His personal life is his business. Also, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. I'm all over the place with my comments.


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