Andy Sullivan Ryder Cup Vlog

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Andy Sullivan Ryder Cup Vlog. Mark Crossfield and Coach Lockey walk with Ryder Cup player Andy Sullivan during the Omega European Masters. Watch as Mark talks to Andy about his 1st Ryder Cup appearance and how the team is feeling.

33 thoughts on “Andy Sullivan Ryder Cup Vlog

  1. iMondo

    I'm from the US and the reasons we loose the Ryder Cup, "Unity" we play for ourselves not for Country or Continent. Eventually will get it like the Euro's…

  2. dufferjuice

    Good stuff Mark! I'm so excited about the Ryder Cup this year… I love it every year, but this year seems special. While I will be rooting for my USA boys, I'm really excited to watch Andy, Danny and Rafa go up against Jordan, Patrick, and Brooks! So nice to see some new blood on both sides. Play well team Europe… but just not too well ; ) Cheers!

  3. Paul Mellish

    Great point raised about the social side of the Ryder Cup side, perhaps this is another reason why Knox was snubbed. In fact I think he pretty much confirmed he barely knew the other guys at all. Obviously his decision to play where he does is what has dictated that, but even so…a team is no place for a bit of a loner…..ask Tiger!!

  4. Degenerate Golf Club

    Became a fan of Sullivan after the epic Crossfield vlog. Rooted for his runs when I saw him in the majors from the States. Some of the most entertaining vlog chatter from that series because of him. Seems like a fun dude.


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